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Issue 13 * 24 February 2024

Mastering Emotional Resilience: Conquering Fear and Overwhelm

It’s very easy to be overwhelmed by our emotions, especially when things aren’t going so well. The best thing to do is to arm yourself with an emotional toolkit of techniques to quell a fraught mindset.

The Goldster Experts

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Understanding Emotional Overwhelm

Feeling emotionally overwrought and overwhelmed from time to time is part of the human condition. Whether daily stressors building up are the trigger or one of those devastating and challenging life events that hit all of us from time to time – bereavement, divorce or moving house, it’s easy to let life get on top of us. Whether it’s breaking down in floods of tears or a heightened sense of fear and anxiety that won’t go away it’s a good idea to have some strategies – a tool kit if you like – to help yourself through these moments. And you can learn some of these techniques from Goldster; techniques such as breathwork, dancing and EFT can all help according to psychotherapist Lee Pycroft.

Insights from Resilient Individuals

Take inspiration from explorer and adventurer Rosie Stancer, who has triumphed in some very adverse conditions indeed, trekking to the North and South poles carrying heavy loads and traversing vast deserts. “I deal with overwhelming stress by refocusing on the end goal, which is often greater than the little problems,” she explains, “it helps illuminate the mental clutter in your mind. Focus on the bigger picture.” Rosie advises whatever happens, however bad it gets, to try not to panic, which is disabling.

And whether that bigger picture Rosie talks about is an end goal, or God, or caring for your partner, children or grandchildren, or finishing a project, being kind to others, maintaining health and fitness – we all have a driving ethos that motivates us as human beings.

The Power of EFT

Kath Temple – Goldster’s Success and Happiness Psychologist can teach you EFT techniques which are highly effective if you’re overwhelmed by emotion and stress. “It will not only boost immunity,” she states, “but it reduces the stress hormone cortisol by up to 43% within the hour. Brilliant for anxiety and depression, psychological disorders and physiological conditions.”

Life can throw a lot of things at us – sometimes simultaneously. Goldster can help you prepare for emotional worst-case scenarios with a range of activities and techniques. Never despair!