Solve Your Sleep Problems

This program delves into effective strategies for quality sleep amidst a hectic lifestyle. Uncover unconscious patterns, embrace proven bio-psycho, psychosensory, and meditative techniques to enhance sleep hygiene. Transform bedtime habits for a healthier, more restful life.

Solve Your Sleep Problems

Pioneering Work With Sleep

Sleeplessness is a common problem in these increasingly busy times, and lack of sleep can be a great stressor in your life when it becomes a regular thing.

Every outcome in your life has a strategy behind it, but you may be unconscious of the strategies you use. If the outcome you’re getting around sleep isn’t the outcome you want, then the strategy you’re running has to change. The truth is that if you keep doing what you’re doing, you will keep getting what you’re getting. If you want a different outcome, you have to run a different strategy. If you want a better outcome, you have to run a better strategy. And if nothing changes, nothing changes.

Let me help you make the unconscious conscious, and share good sleep hygiene with you so you can develop a better strategy and create better bedtime habits.

In this 6 week programme I will share with you some great bio-psycho techniques, some psychosensory techniques and some hypnotic and meditative techniques for better sleep.

Week 1

What’s Your Strategy for Wakefulness – Everything has a strategy!

Week 2

The EFT Research – What works for sleep

Week 3

The Balance of Sleep

Week 4

Going Back to Sleep When You Wake In The Night

Week 5

Are You In Your Own Way?

Week 6

Review, Reflect & Feed Forward The Learnings – Integration & Alignment


Happiness Hub Solve Your Sleep Problems
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Kathryn Temple
International Success & Happiness Psychologist, Kath Temple, is a warm, inspiring, positive powerhouse award-winning entrepreneur! She founded The Happiness Foundation UK, The Happiness Foundation Gibraltar, she's on the Executive Board of EFT International, and Help Me Learn Africa. Kath's qualifications include a Master of Science, Occupational & Organisational Psychology (Distinction), a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Honours (First Class Degree), a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Solution-Focused Psychotherapy extensive training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), teaching, counselling and stress management. She is so well qualified, we ran out of space to list the rest. Kath is a member of the British Psychological Society including the Coaching Division, EFT International, Society of NLP and the International Coach Federation. "One wild and precious life - live your best one as your best self!"
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