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A six-week course encourages participants to better understand their sleep patterns and habits. During this course, participants will focus on all the various aspects that can affect sleep and learn the scientific tips, tricks and hints on how to cultivate a deep and restful nights sleep.

Hi, my name is Anna and I am a fully qualified life coach and NLP practitioner with Distinction from The Coaching Academy. I have been facilitating programs to help guests on the path to overcoming insomnia and coaching and guiding towards the best night's rest you can possibly achieve.

This program is designed to educate participants about various aspects of sleep and provide strategies for improving sleep quality. It covers topics such as the stages of sleep, life stages and sleep patterns, chronotypes, caregiving and sleep, and setting the stage for optimal sleep. Participants learn about the importance of each sleep stage and how lifestyle habits can influence sleep. They also explore how sleep patterns change throughout different life stages and discover their own chronotype. T

he program provides guidance on managing different sleep styles within a household and offers support for caregivers. It concludes with goal setting and a creative activity to plan for better sleep.




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