The Magazine Show with Humphrey

with Dr Alf Collins
14 May 2024

Until last year, Professor Alf Collins was NHS England’s Clinical Director for personalised care. His mission in health and well-being is to build around an individual’s needs bringing in shared decision-making, care planning, self-management support, social prescribing and that Goldster concept of ‘rethinking medicine.”  Alf worked for a decade with the Health Foundation, helping lead applied research and implementation programmes in person-centred care.

He has researched and written widely on the changing the relationship between patients and healthcare professionals and he led on the NHS’s implementation of ‘Universal Personalised Care’ one of key initiatives to change thinking in the way we view our health. Alf has also been a community consultant for many years in pain management. How can we best live with chronic pain?  Alf has honorary fellowships from the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of General Practitioners and is a Visiting Professorship in Healthcare Policy at Coventry University. Join Alf Collins with Humphrey Hawksley on The Goldster Magazine Show at 1pm on Tuesday May 14th 2024.