Inside Story with Humphrey

with Rory Cellan Jones Author of Always On - Hope and fear in the Smartphone Era

03 February 2022

Have you ever worried about who is tracking your phone? Have you ever gone half-crazy trying to load or get rid of an app? Do any of us know how how our smart phones really work? The mobile phone is the most extraordinary tool that has been invented in the last century and it has forced radical changes in the way we live and work. Unlike previous technologies it is in the hands of just about everyone. Join Humphrey with former BBC technology correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones, to discuss his book Always On – Hope and Fear in the Smartphone Era. Rory will talk your through the smart phone and mobile phone era answering all your questions whether about a finnicky irritant or an overarching concern about the power of social media. Come on that roller coaster ride from the early optimism of a revolution to transform society for the better to the criminals, bullies and predators that now poison the well of social media.

Meet the pioneers who have become household names including Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Tim Berners-Lee, and Jimmy Wales who founded Wikipedia. One section of Always On deals with developments close to Goldster’s heart: How Covid V made many of us more computer capable, how we linked up on Zoom and other platforms and how technology is helping us confront the greatest challenge of modern times.  Join Humphrey and Rory Thursday February 3rd 2021 for this really relevant Goldster Inside Story.