Book of the Month with Lucinda

with Richard Coles Author of Murder Before Evensong
25 November 2022

This November, our Goldster Book of the Month is a debut novel by a former pop star turned clergyman. You might remember the Reverend Richard Coles as the one who wasn’t Jimmy Somerville in 1980s band The Communards, or you may know him for his radio and TV broadcasts, on programmes such as Saturday Live, QI and Have I Got News For You, but Coles is now also a bestselling author, having published several critically acclaimed non-fiction books, including his recent bestseller, The Madness of Grief


Our Book of the Month is Murder Before Evensong, his brand new cosy crime novel. It’s a witty look at life in the parish of Champton, where the church is run by the long-suffering Canon Daniel Clement, who lives with his widowed mother and a pair of dachshunds. When Daniel decides that there should be a loo installed in the church for the benefit of his parishioners, he has no idea of the mayhem which will ensue – leading inexorably towards murder…. Murder Before Evensong has won accolades from book reviewers across the media. Read the book this November and come and join us to chat about it. Our Book of the Month events are not recorded and we encourage everyone to unmute and join in the chat. They’re also a great chance to get to know your fellow Goldster members.