Inside Story with Lucinda

with Sasha Bates Author of Yoga Saved My Life

19 August 2022

If you’ve ever wondered why you feel so much better after a yoga class, then Sasha Bates’s new book, Yoga Saved My Life, will enlighten you. This is Sasha’s take on how and why yoga can be so transformative, seen through the lens of psychotherapy.


Whilst working as both psychotherapist and yoga teacher, Sasha noticed how similar these two seemingly different approaches were. Both address the many complexities and pitfalls we all struggle with today – divisiveness, conflict, stress, depression, anger, addiction loneliness, self-loathing and more.


Sasha illuminates what it is that takes yoga way beyond physical exercise – and how yoga does what psychotherapy does: providing a containing, reflective space in which you can access your unconscious, develop self-awareness, learn self-regulation and find ways to relate to yourself better. This new relationship with yourself offers ways to work with the automatic habits you do without thinking, but which hold you back, practically and emotionally.


Join Sasha and Lucinda Hawksley for the Inside Story on 19 August.