Inside Story with Humphrey

with Mark Everglade Author of Inertia

06 January 2023

How much does fiction act as a safety release to the pressures building up inside us?  How much to stories help in dealing with trauma and upheaval?   In its continual search for the new, fun and unexpected, Goldster Inside story brings you Mark Everglade, author of dystopian fiction and an expert in the sub-genre of CyberPunk. 

Goldster members, unfamiliar with CyberPunk, check it out with your children and grandchildren.  This is a type of fiction first categorized through films like the 1982 box office hit Blade Runner where synthetic humans are bio-engineered by a powerful corporation, and it plays around with big ideas – humanity, artificial intelligence and our concept of God. 

With more and more of our lives run by gadgets, Mark Everglade will guide us through terminology of technowrath and technoredemption and will take the lay people amongst us into his world of Dystopia and CyberPun. Your host Humphrey Hawksley will make sure he speaks in a language we all understand.  Mark’s latest book Inertia revolves around the connection between government factions, big corporations, and the environmental destruction they create for their own profits. Sound familiar? A young geophysicist, Ash, finds herself at the nexus of all this as she infiltrates servers in virtual reality to discover the hidden connections.

Join the amazing Mark Everglade with Humphrey Hawksley on Goldster Inside Story Thursday January 6th 2023 at 12.00.