Inside Story with Humphrey

with Lynda Shaw Author of Your Brain is the Boss: Using Mind Power to Develop Influence, Creativity and Work Satisfaction

04 November 2022

Would you like to know how to take greater control of your brain, to become more efficient, effective and successful?  The brain often overcomplicates matters, leading us to feel overwhelmed and lacking in confidence. Yet we can take control. Are you interested? Then, come meet neuroscientist Dr Lynda Shaw who knows which bits of our brains do what and how to control them – at least as best we can. Once we understand, the impact on our lives can be profound as Dr Shaw lays out in her book Your Brain is the Boss: Using mind power to develop influence, creativity and work satisfaction. How we think effects everything, our work, our family, all corners of our lives. In conversation with Humphrey Hawksley, Lynda Shaw will explain all, showing ways to banish toxicity, create empathy, motivate those around us and come up with new ideas and ways of making a better world by thinking and working together.

Whether an event in your local community or a project in the boardrooms of multi-national companies, Lynda Shaw has a rare talent of turning the complex into the accessible and is passionate about teaching how our brains effect our behavior and, of course, vice-versa. Humphrey will quiz Lynda Shaw on how we can be happier, healthier, more confident, more friendly in a way that sets us on the path to achieving our goals. He might also ask about today’s politicians!

Join Humphrey and Lynda, examining their bossy brains – and yours – on Friday November 4th 2022 on Goldster Inside Story.