Inside Story with Lucinda

with Derek Niemann Author of A Tale of Trees: The Battle To Save Britain’s Ancient Woodland, A Nazi in the Family
02 September 2021

Derek Niemann is a freelance writer and editor specialising in natural history and life writing. In 2012, he interrupted a career writing about bees and butterflies to begin researching and writing a family history story that was published in 2015 as A Nazi in the Family, based on the SS grandfather he never knew. His last non-fiction book A Tale of Trees: The battle to save Britain’s ancient woodland was published in October 2016. Derek’s other non-fiction title was Birds in a Cage (Short Books, 2011), telling the story of four Prisoner of War birdwatchers in World War II. Derek is a fortnightly contributor to the world’s longest-running newspaper column, the Guardian Country Diary. Formerly he was children’s magazines editor for the RSPB (1998-2014), has written a number of wildlife books for children and is a feature writer for both WWF and the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust. Derek is also a creative writing tutor and course director at Cambridge University’s Institute of Continuing Education. Come and join Lucinda for this enthralling Inside Story on September 2nd at 12:00pm