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Inside Story with Lucinda

with Caroline Crampton Author of Agatha Christie's England
01 September 2022

Caroline Crampton is a writer and a podcaster. She writes non-fiction books about the world and how we live in it. Her critically acclaimed first book, The Way to the Sea, was about the historical and cultural life of the Thames estuary, and she is currently working on a social history of hypochondria, to be published in 2024 by Granta in the UK and HarperCollins in the US. She makes a podcast about detective fiction called Shedunnit, which covers the "golden age" of detective fiction between WWI and WWII and its influence on today's crime fiction. She also worked on the map of Agatha Christie’s England and contributes reviews and essays to publications like Granta, the New Humanist, the Guardian and the Spectator.