Inside Story with Humphrey

with Bob Gourley Author of The Cyber Threat

17 February 2023

How often do we see a news story about a major company that we’ve used or bought something from being hacked? How many times do we wonder if our passwords and bank account details have been stolen? How do we know what to do? We can’t be changing our login details every day. They drive us crazy enough as it is. Yet, none of us can live without our phones and tablets, without shopping online, booking holidays, trying to get an e-consult with your GP.  Bob Gourlay, author of The Cyber Threat, will tell all secrets to Goldster Inside Story on how to keep you own gadgets as safe as can be, what exactly is the threat, how to spot a scam website and what the big companies that we deal with every day are doing to keep our own credit card and other details away from criminals. And where technology is going in the future and whether we are going to become frazzled with cookies and log-ins or more serene and confident that all is safe.

Bob Gourley 's earlier career involved keeping the United States Navy safe from cyber attacks. He now helps organisations to set up barriers against enemies intent on stealing their secrets, whether a superpower like China or a teenager next door working from his garage. Join Bob Gourley in conversation with Humphrey Hawksley on this Inside Story Cyber Special at 12.00 U.K time on Friday February 17th.