Goldster Conversations: Purpose, Passion, Grit with Humphrey

with Jeff Cox Author of West Somerset In The News
16 January 2024

Community is a lifeline to health and wellbeing, a group of people with whom we can share good times and bad, grieve and laugh and find companionship and support. Humphrey Hawksley explores one specific community and asks what is the glue that holds it together and how has the idea of community been strengthened or eroded by the ease of travel and communication and the closure of so many local newspapers. His guest is Jeff Cox friend, colleague, BBC producer and author of West Somerset in the News, the story of a newspaper began life in July 1860. Since then, West Somerset has been buffeted by progress and change from the building of railway lines to nuclear power plants, the fight to preserve the natural beauty of Exmoor together with suffragettes, oilfields, the threat of Hitler and the scandal of Jeremy Thorpe.

Join Humphrey and Jeff in this Purpose, Passion and Grit, and tell us about your own community, your involvement in it and what it means to you and your family. West Somerset will be our marker, but we want to go to from our inner cities to the windswept islands of Shetland and Scilly and beyond. A free ranging Goldster Conversation on Community. Tuesday, January 16th PPG at 12.00 London time. Not one to miss.