Goldster Conversations: Purpose, Passion, Grit with Humphrey

with Doug Stewart Author of Deadly Hush
06 February 2024

High-stakes casinos, black market gambling, Formula One racing, drug trade espionage, shipping piracy, sports fixing and a cast of intriguing characters created by Doug Stewart . One of the most compelling is Insp. Todd “Ratso” Holtom, whose latest adventure Deadly Hush is published at the end of February; a serial killer on the loose leaving a playing card with each victim. All of the above comes from imagination of a distinguished lawyer who has worked courts and cases of London, Las Vegas and beyond. Doug is part-time chair of the Isle of Man Employment Tribunal and, now in his early eighties, he is getting his ducks in a row to make a full-time career as a thriller writer.

He knows first-hand how to follow the money whether the billions bet legally and illegally on sporting fixtures or the mechanism behind organising a freighter’s pirate seizure or a shipment of heroin from Afghanistan to European streets. Humphrey Hawksley will be digging behind Doug’s book covers to find the risks he takes in getting his startling information, how he moves so easily between London’s Mayfair clubland, the Mediterranean and Caribbean. How does he harnesses his ideas and what trouble has he run into over his long career as an author and lawyer. What is the Purpose, Passion and Grit he needs to keep going. Join Humphrey and Doug Tuesday February 6th in this exciting PPG Goldster Conversation at 12.00 London time.