Benedict Allen

with Benedict Allen
19 December 2023

Benedict Allen fits the most idealised image of an explorer – tall, rugged, a set jaw and glint to the eye. No tick-box adventurer, his exploits in remote environments are journeys of discovery where he immerses himself, for months at a time, like a chameleon in with indigenous communities. learning about their ways, their environment and how to survive within it. Immersion in this fashion, has become his trademark but not the limit of his exploits which include being shipwrecked canoeing to Australia, being shot at in the amazon Basin by Escobar’s hitmen, sewing up a chest wound in Sumatra with a boot-mending kit and, lost and starving in the vast Brazilian rainforest, resorting to eating his dog. Benedict is a survivor.

By capturing his expeditions on film, Benedict has produced some ground-breaking programmes for mainstream channels, accompanied by a literary flair for writing absorbing accounts of his experiences, including 2 bestsellers .

‘Fresh’ from a return visit to the Obini tribe of Papua New Guinnea, join us to hear and learn more from a man who the Daily Telegraph saluted as ‘one our greatest living explorers’ on Tuesday 19th December at 12 noon on Purpose, Passion and Grit.