Goldster Conversations: Inside Story with Humphrey

with Michael Muthukrishna Author of A Theory Of Everyone

05 January 2024

Michael Muthukrishna is a psychological and behavioural science specialist at the London School of Economics. Drawing on the most recent research across the sciences, humanities, and the emerging field of cultural evolution, Michael paints a panoramic picture of who we are and exactly what makes human beings different from all other forms of life on the planet. He argues that it is our unique ability to create culture, a shared body of knowledge, skills, and experience passed on from generation to generation that has enabled our current dominance.But it is only by understanding and applying the laws of life - the need for energy, innovation, cooperation and evolution - that we can solve the practical challenges we face as a species.

A Theory of Everyone attempts to provide solutions for how to solve the most pressing problems of our collective future, such as polarization, inequality, the "great stagnation" in productivity, and the energy crisis. Michael’s work has been praised as ‘mind expanding’ by Times columnist Matthew Syed: “This book will change your view of the world forever'.

Peter Frankopan describes A Theory of Everyone as 'Wonderfully refreshing and thought-provoking'. In this Goldster Conversation with Humphrey Hawksley Michael will lay out his thoughts on how we can create a better future for ourselves in the generations to come. Goldster Inside Story 12.00 London time Friday January 5th 2024.