Goldster Conversations: Inside Story Christmas Special

with Lucinda Hawksley and Humphrey Hawksley
28 December 2023

This December, we have a double helping of Hawksleys, as Humphrey and Lucinda join you for a seasonal chat in the Goldster Conversation Christmas Special. Come along and talk about the books you’ve enjoyed and what you’ve learned from our Goldster interviews. They’ll be chatting about their own books and would love you to share what’s been happening with your own writing,.

There will also be a chance to talk about what you would like to see happening on Goldster in the new year, and Lucinda and Humphrey will be able to tell you what we’ve got planned for Book Club and PPG.

So make Goldster part of your festive season and join our Christmas Special party on 28 December at 12pm.


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