Book Club with Humphrey

with Deborah Moggach Author of The Black Dress
15 October 2021

The amazing Deborah Moggach turns her eye to the fun of funerals in her latest novel Black Dress. With her mischievous and inventive imagination Debbie has already bought us The Best Marigold Hotel, Tulip Fever and a book shelf of others. Now in Black Dress, we met Pru who is on her own after her husband has walked out on her. She misses not so much him but the togetherness that a marriage brings, picnicking with children on the beach, laughing together over something silly, nestling up in bed – where now there is just an empty dip in the mattress. Then, one day, Pru ends up at the wrong funeral where she knows no-one and everyone if welcoming, new and exciting. She decides to go to more funerals. No-one will throw her out. Who causes a scene at a funeral? Pru buys a black dress from a charity shop. This novel is about love and life at a certain age and breaking free from loneliness and isolation laced with Debbie’s usual light touch and humour. What a tonic she has given us. Debbie he is also a Goldster Book Chat favourite, a much-loved guest from earlier in the year. Join me, Humphrey Hawksley, your host for the Black Dress Goldster Book Club Friday October 15th at 12 Noon.