Inside Story With Humphrey

with Carole Walker Author of Lobby Life

04 March 2022

Carole Walker is an award-winning BBC correspondent who left war zone reporting to raise her young family and became a political correspondent. From the BBC’s Westminster hub, she reported real-life intrigue, back-stabbing and conspiracies inside our government and parliament. Now a presenter for Times Radio, Carole has written Lobby Life: Inside Westminster’s Secret Society, which lifts the lid on the world of the ‘parliamentary lobby’ and tells us what really happens behind the closed doors of power. Journalists, who are Members of the lobby, get access with an unassuming brown laminated card that lets them into an exclusive club, one which for two decades gave Carole a bird’s eye view through the rise and fall of successive governments. She reported on war, rebellion, investigations, scandal, the financial crash, Brexit and a global pandemic. Sir Alan Duncan, author of In the Thick of It: The Private Diaries of a Minister, describes lobby journalists as the media’s elite commandos, adding ‘Carole Walker astutely captures their code of honour and critical place in the informed reporting of our politics.’  In her enthralling Goldster Inside Story with Humphrey, Humphrey will open doors to her world telling us what it is like to travel with a succession of prime ministers and how to collar a member of parliament to get that pivotal quote that can change a policy or make and break a political career. Friday 3rd March, Humphrey with Carole Walker on a journey into the heart of British politics.