Inside Story with Humphrey

with Billy Kenber Author of Sick Money: The Truth about the Global Pharmaceutical Industry

04 February 2022

Billy Kenber is an award-winning investigative journalist at The Times who has taken the lid of a section of the health care industry. In his explosive book Sick Money, The Truth About the Global Pharmaceutical Industry,  Billy maintains that medicines have become nothing more than financial assets and that how drugs are priced and who has access to them is now dictated by shareholder value. He cites the example of an American hedge fund manager who hiked the price of an HIV AIDS pill from $17.50 to $750 overnight and of a children's cancer drugs left intentionally to expire in a Spanish because it was more cost-effective.  Billy explains industry culture such as the reluctance to invest deeply in vaccines because once the disease is conquered profits fall and an eagerness to put research money into chronic conditions like diabetes.

Unless we take action, Billy argues, we risk a dramatic decline in the pace of drug development and a future in which medicines are only available to the highest bidder. But how right is he? Do we not need the drug companies, warts and all, to step up the plate when we have to tackle a pandemic like Covid-19?  Billy will also discuss Goldster healthy ageing techniques and how draw that balance between that lifestyle and only turning to medicines when necessary. Join Humphrey in quizzing Billy Kenber on what he has uncovered in an issue that impacts so many of our members at 12.00 Friday February 4th 2021 on Goldster Inside Story.