The Inside Story With Humphrey

with Arthur I Miller Author of Author of The Artist in the Machine

17 March 2022

Meet the artists who compose music that sounds more like Bach than Bach; whose painting techniques surpass those of Vincent Van Gogh in Starry Night, who write screenplays, crack jokes and come up with mad, out of the box ideas. And then meet a human being, Arthur I Miller, whose latest book The Artist in the Machine: The World of A-I Powered Creativity takes us into the chilling and exciting world of Artificial Intelligence. Where is it all heading? It was not that long ago that we used maps to drive from A to B. Now many of us have satellite navigation on our phones with bossy voices telling us when we’ve gone the wrong way. What next? Who will write our plays and compose our film scores? Can the computer ever be an artist with feelings and imagination or will it always be just a machine? Highly-acclaimed physicist, Arthur I Miller, will talk us through that world and answer all your questions as well as giving context of how great science and discoveries come to light. Within Arthur’s other books are stories of Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Carl Jung and those they worked with to build their art and science from black holes in space to psychoanalysis on the couch. Humphrey will quiz Arthur for answers on our destiny within our world and its machines. 12.00 pm Thursday 24th March, Arthur I Miller on Goldster Inside Story.