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Introducing the

Goldster Health Service

Created by world-leading scientific experts.

Developed by leading UK clinicians, doctors, psychologists, and medical experts; pioneered by NHS veteran Professor Sir Muir Gray.

The Goldster Health Service is at the heart of the Goldster Club. You can personalise and tailor your health habits with the support of our experts and coaches, who will be there to guide you at every twist and turn.

Goldster is built on the 3 pillars of your health: Physical, Emotional and Cognitive. Supporting you to embrace and optimise every aspect of your lifestyle.

The Goldster experts have developed the Universal Health Assesment. By completing our UHA, you will gain key insights into your health, and see your progression, while we provide you with a tailored experience.

Included in your Goldster subscription.

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How does it work?

Science and Community at the heart of our every move.

Start your Journey with our
Universal Health Assessment

Our gateway to understanding your health.

By filling out our UHA form, we can provide you with a tailored Goldster experience, combining Classes and Live Q&A sessions, based around your needs and preferences.

This enables our experts to focus on the three key pillars of your health: physical, emotional and cognitive. Ensuring all of your wellbeing needs are met.

Your Health, Our Help.

Welcome to your GHS Dashboard.

We help you to keep on track, by giving you the bigger picture of your health. See where you spend your time across your physical, emotional and cognitive health, whether that's on, or off Goldster.

Our star ratings are developed by the Goldster experts and measure the impact and effectiveness of the Live and On-Demand Classes. The more Classes you attend, the more stars you will collect, contributing to your GHS journey.

Reach for the Stars

We've done the hard work for you.

Do you want to ensure that you invest your time in the most effective classes? We hear you. Our experts developed the Goldster star ratings from industry leading medical research meaning you get the best out of our classes.

Goldster has 3 star ratings for our classes, from mild, moderate to intense. The greater the rating, the more significant the class's health benefits become.

Interact in the Live Q&A sessions with experts and coaches. This is your space to create a tailored plan with the guideance of our team. 

We help you get better, together.

Your UHA powers our Goldster experts, creating top-notch classes.
Evidence based Excellence

We’ve evaluated the global evidence base to create a framework we call the Systematic Wellness Intervention Pathway (SWIP). The SWIP links activities to the benefits they provide. This drives the variety of wellness classes and courses, to precisely match your needs and preferences.

Your GHS classes have been carefully curated to target areas for improvement from your UHA results. This way, you get a tailored experience that maximises the time you spend on Goldster.

Social activities not only bring joy but also significantly enhance class performance. Our research strongly supports that engaging in group activities leads to better outcomes, providing a positive impact on the Goldster community.

Our success stories

The GHS has had a very positive impact on my life. It has kept me focussed and motivated whilst exercising. The sessions on emotional wellbeing and meditation have enabled me to become much calmer and less stressed. Norma, GHS Member
The GHS involves us in the learning process thus it becomes a joint moving forward to better health and it gives us an understanding in the processes of becoming healthier. It gives us the power the make appropriate decisions. Judie, GHS Member
The GHS is a brilliant and affordable one-stop solution to many of the challenges we currently face with the underfunded and overstretched NHS and the often-unaffordable private healthcare sector in the UK. Angi, GHS Member

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