Spanish Language

From the basics to conversational Spanish, this easy to follow class helps you discover the joys of making yourself understood in another language.

Spanish Language

"Hola, mi no bre es Susan . Please join me as I teach you the beauty of the Spanish Language. Spanish is a global language and one of cooking, fashion, theatre, the visual arts, dance and architecture. A knowledge of Spanish offers access to great works of literature in the original Spanish, as well as food and lifestyle. Spanish is an easy language to learn, so let me show you how. This class is open to anyone new to the Spanish Language as language learning is for everyone. I welcome all members with an interest in the language who perhaps never had the time to learn or felt language learning was not for them. The classes are designed to make language learning fun and enjoyable. You will realise that you know more Spanish than you think! We will also talk about different aspects of Spanish culture and I hope members will share their own experiences and memories of Spanish. Adiós - See you soon."


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Benefits of learning a new language include:

  • Maintaining cognitive function
  • Increasing self-esteem 
  • Increasing subjective and social wellbeing
  • Encouraging social activity 
  • Increasing quality of life.
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Susan James
"Hi, My name is Susan and I am a professional language teacher, French and Spanish. Since childhood, I have always been interested in languages, even inventing my own until I got the opportunity to study them. My career has been interesting and fun. After qualifying as a language teacher in the UK, I moved to France where I eventually ran a language school in Monte Carlo. Throughout my career, I have loved teaching people of all ages, abilities and nationalities because it is such a noble profession constantly presenting you with different challenges, giving you the opportunity to work with fantastic people, and filling you with an incomparable sense of satisfaction when your students "get it".
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