Makeup For Self Expression

Join makeup guru Ariane Poole for a transformative class on self-expression after 50. Discover how makeup can be a source of joy and creativity, breaking free from traditional norms. Embrace a shift in your makeup journey, focusing on self-expression.

Makeup For Self Expression

Ariane Poole, the makeup guru, redefines makeup's role for those over 50, focusing on self-expression, fun, and identity. She challenges the typical view of makeup in our 50s as a remedy for flaws, encouraging a mindset shift to see it as a source of joy, creativity, and vibrancy.

Throughout the decades, Ariane observes our evolving approach to makeup, from its use as a youthful mask to a functional necessity in our 30s and 40s. As we enter our 60s and 70s, the focus often shifts to concealing imperfections. Yet, Ariane emphasizes that as we age, makeup can be a tool for self-expression, providing the freedom to break away from societal expectations. She advocates for the use of bold colors in a strategic way, choosing pops of color to accentuate your best features and explores the expanded color spectrum, guiding individuals to experiment with shades that suit them best.

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Ariane Poole
With over 40 years of experience in the makeup industry, Ariane can confidently say that it's a profession she truly cherishes. Her journey began with a degree in Cosmetology in Canada, and little did she know then where it would lead her. While establishing her reputation in Vancouver, she was recruited as the resident makeup artist for Biba in the UK. The move to London in 1979 coincided with a dynamic period in fashion and beauty. Ariane was among the pioneering makeup artists during this transformative era. She owes much to photographers like Mario Testino, Brian Aris, David Bailey, and John Swannell, especially in a time before airbrushing and photoshopping were even conceived! It's been an honor for her to work with incredibly beautiful and talented women, from Catherine Zeta Jones to Bianca Jagger. Alongside her magazine ventures, she's made numerous TV appearances, sharing her passion for makeup on shows like This Morning and GMTV. Her dedication to empowering women through makeup took a new direction. Having spent four successful years as the International spokesperson for Boots No7, she launched her own line in December 2002. Creating makeup products that women worldwide love and trust has been immensely rewarding.
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