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Issue 12 * 17 February 2024

Reviving Passion After 50: Expert Tips for a Fulfilling Sex Life

Passion never gets old: tips and tricks for enhancing libido in your 50s and beyond. Annabelle Knight, Sex and Relationships Expert from Lovehoney gives Goldster the low down.

Bethan Cole

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The great secret of older age is that it’s possible to enjoy a fulfilling sex life as you get older – and many couples do despite the taboos around it. Annabelle Knight, Sex and Relationship Expert from Lovehoney has five useful tips for over 50s.

Don’t Skip Foreplay

Foreplay is arguably a bit of an old-fashioned term. Still, the crux is this, says Annabelle: “it is important not to skip acts of sexual intimacy and go straight to penetration when having sex with a partner(s). Applicable to any age but particularly over 50s.” So she recommends lots of intimate kissing, exploring each other's bodies, and oral sex as great ways to build sexual tension and libido while simultaneously getting closer to your partner.

Try Different Things

Low sex drive can affect some people over 50, due to hormones declining etc. A great way to reignite passion, says Annabelle, is ever so simple – try something new! “This could be something as simple as trying out a new sex position, or an adult board game to get you in the mood. If you are feeling extra curious, then you could even look at trying out a (new) sex toy – keeping it simple with a bullet vibrator (or cock ring for penis owners) is a good place to start if you’re a complete novice!”

Talk to Your Partner 

Communication is the key to a healthy sexual relationship, and, according to Annabelle simply talking to a partner is a good way to ensure that this continues later in life. “Mismatched sex drives can be very common in a relationship, so having an honest and open conversation with a sexual partner(s) can ensure that you are both getting what you want out of your sex lives, whether this means scheduling sex or otherwise,” she says. Obvious things such as expressing likes and dislikes and sex drive sometimes need to be made clear – naturally with tact and kindness for the one you love. This can be a remarkable help to the longevity of a relationship.

Keep Yourself Active

Finally, health and mobility ultimately impact greatly on sex, and keeping active and getting regular exercise improves your overall mood, which ultimately affects libido. “If you can eat as healthily as possible alongside this, then you have a good foundation for improving your sex drive” advises Annabelle. A healthy body equals a healthy sex drive - even more of a reason to keep up your Goldster classes.

Use Toys

Whilst trying adult games or sex toys is highly recommended, there are other physical aids that can help improve your sex life and drive past the age of 50. It’s no secret that whether it's due a chronic health conditions or declining oestrogen and vaginal dryness some people can find sex uncomfortable or not as pleasurable as it should be in their 50s and beyond – and this can affect libido. “Using lubrication during sex is essential for any age group, but particularly for over 50s,” continues Annabelle, “as it reduces friction and makes sex more enjoyable. Using plenty of lube during sex is a must, but you can also look at things like massage oils, candles, and other items to get yourself in the mood.“