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Issue 12 * 17 February 2024

Elevate Your Look: Ariane Poole's Expert Advice on Make-Up for Mature Skin

Discover Make-Up Guru Ariane Poole's insights on using makeup post-50 for self-expression, identity, and joy, redefining beauty norms.

Ariane Poole

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Introduction: The Power of Make-up

Redefining make-up post-50, Ariane Poole, a revered make-up artist, champions its role in self-expression, enjoyment, and personal identity. Moving away from the traditional view of make-up as merely corrective, Poole encourages seeing it as a vibrant medium for artistic expression and life enhancement.

Transformative Journey

Ariane Poole shares her insights into the evolving relationship with make-up through the decades. "In our teens and twenties, make-up serves as a mask," she observes, highlighting its heavier use among the young. As we navigate through our 30s and 40s, make-up becomes a practical tool amidst busy lives. Approaching the 50s and beyond, the focus shifts towards camouflage due to menopause and ageing. However, Poole asserts, "Once we’re over 50, we’re more comfortable in our own skin, so make-up should celebrate self-expression rather than conform to societal expectations of fading into the background."

Embracing Colour

Poole stresses the importance of visibility and self-expression for older women, often underestimated by society. "We need to be more visible using colour and self-expression," she advises, promoting the use of make-up for occasions beyond daily routines to make a statement. Whether through vibrant eyes, lips, or cheeks, choosing one focal point avoids overwhelming the face while making a bold impact.

Expert Tips for Enhancing Features

For those embracing grey hair, Poole recommends adding colour to counteract the loss of natural pigment. She offers specific advice for different features: opt for softer shades for thinner lips, vibrant blush over dull contours for the cheeks, and coloured liners or mascaras to accentuate the eyes. These choices help to refresh and energise the appearance without overdoing it.

Making the Right Choices

A session with a professional make-up artist can be invaluable, according to Poole. It's an investment that guides individuals towards the colours that best complement their complexion, ultimately saving money and enhancing their look. "Make-up can be a playful way of feeling uplifted," Poole concludes, encouraging exploration and fun in the process.