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Check out your dashboard to get used to how it looks. You can keep an eye on your weekly and monthly UHA results there and see how your health changes as you spend time on Goldster.

Your groups are shown on the dashboard too, and we suggest you join the sessions for your group to make your journey more enjoyable.

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Unsure where to start?

If you find yourself uncertain about the next steps to take, we highly recommend that you consider joining your upcoming GHS group expert or coaching session. This class provides you with a valuable opportunity to seek guidance on any health-related matters. Our team of experts and coaches will be there to address your questions and guide you towards classes that will assist you.

Pro tip: You can view the next GHS sessions on your dashboard.

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Get yourself going!

Get yourself into a class today! By completing the UHA forms and attending Goldster classes, you actively optimise your health and well-being. This provides our experts with valuable information to guide you on the best path for improving your health. Explore the class schedule now and dive into a Goldster or GHS class.

Pro tip: You can tell the difference between Goldster and GHS classes by the GHS tag and golden outline in the class schedule.

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