The Goldster Magazine Show with Lucinda

with Sir Anthony Seldon Author of Beyond Happiness
09 July 2024

As Britain's best-known headmaster, Sir Anthony Seldon famously introduced happiness, or well-being, lessons at his school, Wellington College. In 2011, he co-founded Action for Happiness, a body to raise awareness of the discovery of happiness and reduction of depression, whose influence is growing rapidly in Britain and across the world. He is the author of Beyond Happiness: How to find lasting meaning and joy in all that you have' where lays out the difference between pleasure, happiness and joy, and offers an original 8-step approach on how to make our lives far more meaningful and rewarding.

The pursuit of happiness can all too easily become a trap which seduces us into thinking there is no more to life than being happy. But in this special Goldster conversation, Sir Anthony will also talk about his widely-praised political writings, notably The Impossible Office: The History of the British Prime Minister. Who do you think has been our best and worst prime ministers? Meet Sir Anthony and tell him your choice – the Goldster Magazine Show 1pm Tuesday July 9th 2024