The Goldster Magazine Show with Humphrey

with Roxana Dragusel Author of Life is a Honeycomb
06 August 2024

Roxana Dragusel is a scientist, Reiki healer, spiritual coach, and a keen observer of human nature. Her work is a result of both psychic insight and long experience with energy work, personal development and self-awareness, and she is the founder of The Inside Monarch (, an e-learning platform for spirituality and personal development.

Among her books are Life is a Honeycomb: Mindfulness and Reflection Planner and The 10 Principles of the Feminine: How to Embrace Feminine Energy and the Power Within. Roxana guides on journaling, motivational stories, mindfulness and a canon of skills that are familiar to Goldster members. She redefines feminine energy far beyond any dictionary definition and argues for the importance of honouring and cultivating this force.

Feminine energy is not an attribute of the fairer sex; it is a component of all living things, she says. Its true meaning seems to have been lost somewhere and, with it, people’s potential of authentic self-expression. Identifying feminine energy in yourself and others is essential for leading a balanced and fulfilling life. To find out more join Roxana Dragusel with Humphrey Hawksley on the Goldster Magazine Show 1pm Tuesday August 6th 2024.