The Goldster Magazine Show with Humphrey

with Tim Eggebraate Author of Find your Beat

19 March 2024

Tim Eggebraaten is a retired police chief whose advice to all around is to identify the rhythm unique to each of us and use the gifts we have for the good of people around us. It’s a tactic that wins every time, he says – looking for our beat.  The course of our lives can be made better with the thinking: “I am. I can. I will.”  Tim sees himself as a messenger of optimism.  With a bundle of heartwarming stories and practical wisdom, he reveals how he finds beauty amidst the chaos and the resilience within.  In conversation with Humphrey Hawksley.

Tim will take us through life behind a police badge, sharing the highs and lows of a high stress career, his struggles and how he discovered the healing power of music. From the depths of personal challenges to the heights of realistic optimism, he delivers a tapestry of hope, giving us light-hearted anecdotes to profound insights on loss and mental health. He describes his book, Find Your Beat: Walk to the Rhythm of Life as a guide to transforming your life's soundtrack and tuning into the positivity surrounding you. Dance to the melody of optimism, and Humphrey will coax him into playing some tunes.  For an uplifting, funny and story-packed hour, tune into the Goldster Magazine Show 1pm Tuesday March 19th 2024