The Goldster Magazine Show with Humphrey

with Nigel Crisp Author of Health Is Made At Home, Hospitals Are For Repairs
16 April 2024

As we build for the future, we need to think about the values by which we live it. Our individual health is intimately connected to the health of our communities, the health of wider society and, ultimately, the health of the planet. Lord Nigel Crisp is passionate about turning on its head thinking about our well-being and how we live. We should not talk about prevention of disease but the creation of health, about the causes of health not the causes of disease. We should focus on the positive, not the negative approach to creating the conditions for healthy living. Lord Crisp knows exactly what he is talking about which is why he sits in the House of Lords as an independent crossbench member. He co-chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health. He was previously Chief Executive of the English NHS and Permanent Secretary of the UK Department of Health, the largest health organisation in the world with 1.3 million employees.

His recent book Health Is Made At Home, Hospitals Are For Repairs, borrowed its title from a clinical director in Uganda. In his many conversations and publications, he argues strongly for an active lifestyle, social relationships, access to nature, exercise and having meaning and purpose in our lives. We need to think we are in control with autonomy as individuals, as opposed to experiencing angst, alienation and anomie so prevalent in modern society. Join Lord Crisp with Humphrey Hawksley for a compelling fresh look at health and well-being on the Goldster Magazine Show, Tuesday April 16th evening at 7pm.