The Goldster Magazine Show: Humphrey Hawksley with Chris Gunness

with Chris Gunness
20 February 2024

Chris Gunness speaks his mind and works for causes close to his heart. He lives on the front line of trauma, campaigning against cruelty and any abuse which violates peoples lives. He straddles worlds of struggle, both personal and political. One moment he talks to Stephen Fry about guilt, suicide and depression where everything feels hopeless. The next he is in an international crisis whether the Middle East or Southeast Asia where he currently tracks war criminals responsible for conflict and repression in Myanmar. Chris has been an outstanding BBC foreign correspondent and a senior United Nations official involved deeply with refugees and war victims. In a television interview from Gaza during an earlier conflict with Israel, Chris broke down in tears because of the devastation and human tragedy around him. Each of us is affected in an individual way from either witnessing or seeing constant headlines packed with bad news. More frequently now, we run into trouble with some among with friends and community who disagree with our views. How do we navigate the storms within and around us?