The Goldster Magazine Show Book Club with Lucinda

with Jane Corry Author of Coming To Find You
23 July 2024

This month we’re reading a Sunday Times Bestseller written by a recent Goldster interviewee. Jane Corry is a writer and journalist worked as the writer in residence of a men’s high security prison. She says the experience “really opened up my eyes. Initially I was terrified about doing the job but as soon as I started, I was hooked. Here was another world…. Many of my men had mental health issues; some heard voices in their heads. This was scary for me to witness, but the writer side of me was fascinated.” This fascination resulted in her captivating novel Coming to Find You.


In the novel, Nancy decides to disappear after her family tragedy is splashed across the newspapers. Her grandmother's beautiful Regency house in a quiet seaside village seems like the safest place to hide. However, the old house has its own secrets and a chilling wartime legacy. Now someone knows the truth about the night Nancy's mother and stepfather were murdered and that someone knows where to find her.…


This is not only a great crime novel, but a fascinating look at family life, relationships and at a truly intriguing wartime secret. The latter is based on real-life research the author Jane carried out into what was known as “Churchill’s secret army”. Join Lucinda Hawksley on 23 July at 1pm to chat about the novel and all things bookish. 


Our Book Club events are open to all, whether you’ve had the chance to read the book or not. These events are not recorded, everyone is unmuted and everyone gets the chance to meet other Goldster members.