Inside Story with Humphrey

with Roger Moorhouse Author of The Forgers

07 September 2023

Acclaimed historian Roger Moorhouse brings us a gripping Second World War story of forgers whose documents saved the lives of thousands of Jews facing extermination in the Holocaust. Under the leadership of the Aleksander Lados, the Polish Ambassador to Switzerland, they undertook a systematic programme of forging identity documents for Latin American countries, which were then smuggled into German-occupied Europe -- the painful uncertainty over whether they will be granted protection from the Nazis' murderous fury. The Forgers has been praised for being gripping, remarkable and fascinating, with individual stories of quiet heroism that became the single largest rescue operation of the war.

In this Goldster Conversation Roger will also be discussing his previous compelling books, The Devil’s Alliance about the pact between Hitler and Stalin; The First to Fight, on the 1939 invasion of Poland; Berlin at War, the everyday lives of Germans living in Hitler’s Berlin; and his first book, Killing Hitler, on the numerous attempts on the dictator’s life. Since 2016, Roger has been an associate professor at the College of Europe in Warsaw. As fellow historian, Dan Snow says, ‘Roger Moorhouse has a wonderful knack of reminding us about parts of the Second World War that we are in danger of forgetting.’ Join Humphrey Hawksley with Roger Moorhouse on Inside Story 12.00 London time September 7th 2023.