Inside Story with Humphrey

with Kevin Dekleva Author of The Last Violinist

20 October 2023

Thriller writer Kenneth Dekleva is a psychiatrist in Dallas, Texas and, for many years, worked for the American State Department as a physician-diplomat. His postings included Russia, India, Mexico and the United Kingdom. He went on to become director of the State Department’s worldwide diplomatic mental health program and currently holds the McKenzie Foundation Chair in Psychiatry at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. When not working or practicing martial arts, Ken writes fiction.

His latest, The Last Violinist, takes the reader to North Korea, the most secretive and closed-off country from where Jong-un, a talented violinist travels the world and is drawn into betrayal, espionage and battles between competing governments. The novel explores the psychological intricacies of human relationships, betrayals, passions, friendships and religious conversion. Ken’s earlier work, The Negotiator’s Cross, delivers a compelling story, also woven with themes of faith and religion. It is told through the eyes of a Father Ismael, a seemingly ordinary Catholic priest in Mexico City. That is until one of his parishioners vanishes. Ken is a familiar face and voice on American new media and gives presentations on leadership analysis which includes profiles on the Russian and Chinese leaders, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. Join Kenneth Dekleva with Humphrey Hawksley on Goldster Inside Story at 12.00 Friday October 20, 2023.