Inside Story with Humphrey

with John Hands Author of The Future Of Mankind

09 June 2023

John Hands is a scientist, novelist, creative writing tutor and the author of substantive and much-lauded non-fiction works Cosmosapiens: Human Evolution from the Origin of the Universe and The Future of Humankind:  Why We Should be Optimistic. After teaching physics for Britain’s Open University devoted more than ten years to evaluating scientific theories about how we evolved from the origin of the universe. The result was Cosmosapiens chosen by two reviewers as Book of the Year in The Times Literary Supplement and selected as one of the Best Science Books of the year by The Telegraph. Here, John argues takes us on a quest to ascertain what science can reliably tell us about how and why we evolved from the origin of the universe and whether what we are makes us different from all other animals. 

The Future of Humankind is its recently published sequel in which, using a scientific perspective, John critically examines the current predictions of our extinction, survival, and transformation. Critics have described his ultimate prediction as unique, astonishing and surprising. With extraordinary insight, using solid materials, these works give a very valuable answer. Find out what lies ahead for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in this fascinating and challenging discussion about where we came from and where we are heading as Humphrey Hawksley quizzes John Hands about Cosmosapiens and The Future of Humankind.  Goldster Inside Story Friday June 9th 2023.