Inside Story with Humphrey

with Sir Muir Gray Author of Sod 60 and Sod 70

22 December 2022

Professor Sir Muir Gray is reframing the public conversation about getting old.  He is the co-author of two hilarious but insightful books aptly named Sod 60 and Sod 70, both subtitled, The Guide to Living Well. .  His other books include Midlife: Look Younger, Live Longer, Feel Better, Antidote to Ageing and  Sod Sitting, Get Moving!: Getting Active in Your 60s, 70s and Beyond.  No spring chicken himself, Sir Muir identified elements of the ageing process way back in 1985 when, as a younger man, he wrote his perceptive book Prevention of Disease in Old Age. Whether dealing with dementia, apathy or physical frailty, Sir Muir’s initial prescription is good diet, mental stimulation and exercise. This is also the mantra underpinning everything Goldster stands for. How is it, Sir Muir asks, that we know ‘old’ sixty-year-olds and ‘spritely’ 80-year-olds?  He has a Seventies Manifesto as a Call to Arms. Become more active, mentally and physically, get more involved; help other people more and you will succeed in gaining better health. And get ‘attitude’ which means, not only are you positive, but also you know what you want and people shouldn’t mess with you.

Sir Muir guarantees to bring us a fun and challenging Goldster Inside Story. Question him, comment on his thoughts, share your own experiences with Sir Muir Gray and your Goldster host Humphrey Hawksley at noon on 22nd December.