Inside Story with Humphrey

with Gillian Carrick Author of My Cat Has Arthritis but lives to the full

02 December 2022

Animal-lover Gillian Carrick is the author health guides for pets which includes tips for their healthy ageing.  Gillian’s early career took her far away from her passion. With a degree in politics, she became a researcher in the House of Commons and a feature writer on the House magazine. She then moved to BBC Radio with stints as a producer/presenter of travel programmes for Radio Four and Five Live, before heading off to be a television producer. Gillian’s first books were Hidden Suffolk and The Essential Guide to Arthritis.


She was then commissioned to write a series of animal-health guides, including: My Dog Has Arthritis but lives life to the full; My Cat Has Arthritis but lives to the full and My Dog Has Epilepsy but lives life to the full - clearly there’s a theme developing here.  Gillian spends as much time as she can in the company of gorgeous dogs and cats, not necessarily her own. She describes herself as a pert-butler of sorts and has learned a very important lesson: Our four-legged friends are definitely our masters.  Her latest project is to explore the idea of releasing our ‘inner cat’. What exactly is that? 

Find out with Gillian Carrick talking to Humphrey Hawksley on Goldster Inside Story12.00 on Friday December 2nd 2022