Inside Story with Lucinda

with Susan Saunders Author of The Age-Well Project

01 April 2022

Susan Saunders is a health coach, author and TV Producer. As a coach, she specialises in helping post-menopausal women to age well, reduce dementia risk and beat confusion about what’s best for their health.

She is the co-author of the book and blog The Age-Well Project, and author of The Age-Well Plan, a six-week programme to kickstart a longer, healthier, happier life. Susan teaches a weekly Age Well class on Goldster and is passionate about helping people to create healthy longevity in their own lives. She believes we can all change the way we age, and wants us all to feel empowered to build and keep good health. 

Susan has been featured in The Guardian, Observer, Daily Mail, Sydney Morning Herald, Prima, The Big Issue and Woman & Home, amongst many others. 

In The Age-Well Plan, Susan draws on her extensive research into longevity and her experience as a health coach to give readers the tools they need to live their own age-well life. Her simple, clear and easy-to-follow six-week plan shows readers how to make changes which will support healthy ageing. 

The Age-Well Project provides strategies for including the right foods in your diet, easy ways to introduce more movement and exercise into your daily routine, the actions to take to get more and better quality sleep, how to maintain a positive mindset towards ageing and focus on mental and social engagement, and how to live in a world that’s not designed to help us age well. Join Susan as she talks about her book and the Age-Well plan on the Goldster Inside Story at midday on 1st of April.