Younger You: Using Nutrition to Reverse our Biological Age

Join me on a journey inspired by Dr. Kara Fitzgerald's pioneering research in functional medicine and nutrition. We'll explore how your diet can turn back the clock on ageing, all while following the guidance of Dr. Fitzgerald's book, "Younger You.

Younger You: Using Nutrition to Reverse our Biological Age

Key Highlights:

Week 1: Introduction to the "Younger You Everyday" Eating Plan

Discover the basics of the "Younger You Everyday" eating plan in our first week. Learn about the recommended foods, meal structure, and dietary guidelines to kickstart your journey towards a rejuvenated you.

Week 2: Epigenetics and Nutrition's Impact on Genes

In week two, we dive into epigenetics – how your genes are influenced by nutrition. Understand the science behind how your dietary choices can positively affect gene expression and improve cellular health.

Week 3: Making the Plan Work for You

Week three focuses on adapting the eating plan to fit your life seamlessly. We'll provide practical strategies to make the "Younger You Everyday" plan suit your preferences, lifestyle, and goals for lasting results.


Whether you fully commit to the programme, follow along from the sidelines, or dabble in a few changes, we invite you to join us. Together, we'll explore how nutrition can reverse biological age, boost vitality, and lead to a healthier, more youthful you. 

Ready to start your journey to a Younger You?


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Claudia Le Feuvre
Claudia Le Feuvre, Nutritional Therapist and Eating Psychology Coach, boasts 14 years of clinical experience and teaches at prestigious nutrition colleges. An experienced speaker passionate about accessible nutrition, she has guided hundreds through transformative weight loss journeys, reshaping their relationship with food.
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