Women's Wellness: Food, Body, Hormones

This six-week interactive course will be about nurturing wellbeing for women. We will be focusing on the practical side of daily cooking and eating - what, when and how, and also some emotional aspects of self-care and nourishment. Each session will have a different theme and you are at the centre.

This is an opportunity to come together weekly to share, learn, and grow in a safe and neutral space.

Never before have women had access to so much information about their hormones, health and wellbeing.  The evidence of the importance of healthy living for now and for ageing is undeniable. 

Yet this can feel like quite a pressure sometimes.  Not helped as our Western food world is complex, challenging and sometimes contradictory.  So much said and written, so many foods, so many ways to eat – where and how do we start to make sense of this? And why do many women have a difficult relationship with food?  How best to use and enjoy food - to improve wellness, build hormone harmony, and nourish ourselves?

These are questions that we hope to answer on this course.  The aim of the course is to help you build a more positive and satisfying relationship with food, your body, your hormones, whatever your time of life. 

(Please note no Medical advice/ opinions/ expertise will be available as per Goldster's disclaimer)"


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