Style Coaching: Wearing Colour With Confidence

Feeling confident whatever you are doing is critical. Join Sarah Ryan, The Style Coach as she helps you find that inner confidence through your clothes.

Style Coaching: Wearing Colour With Confidence

Unlock the secrets of stylish self-expression through color. Learn how to confidently infuse your wardrobe with vibrant hues, discover the psychology behind color choices, and master the art of creating eye-catching outfits that reflect your personality. Elevate your fashion game with "Wearing Colour with Confidence" and make every day a colorful, confident statement.

"I want you to feel authenticity, sustainability and continuous personal development in understanding and creating your own fashion. Nothing brings me greater joy than to see a person who starts believing in themselves and who goes after their dreams. Let's start this journey together."

Sarah recently featured with Goldster in Yours Magazine - Stylish petite clothes for over 50's

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2 October 2023 Colours Week 5 9 October 2023 Colours Week 6

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Benefits of fashion and clothing, include:

  • Improving emotional wellbeing
  • Increasing self-esteem
  • Increasing confidence
  • Improving quality of life
  • Increasing physical activity.
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