Re-Emerging From Pain With A Doctor, Artist & Writer

Chronic pain affects over half of us, ranking as the top global disease category. Dr. David Reilly's course teaches a natural, drug-free approach to lasting wellness through changing pain management, understanding neurophysiology, and forming healthier habits.

Re-Emerging From Pain

During the course of our life over half of us will face chronic pain.

The World health organisation say pain related diseases are the number 1 category of disease on the planet.

Conventional medical interventions, including pain medications, are increasingly acknowledged to offer only limited relief. Instead, an alternative approach to navigating persistent pain is gaining prominence.

If you water a plant, its natural response is to thrive and grow. It's an innate reaction which proves that life responds to nurture.

This is the thinking of Dr David Reilly, an NHS doctor for over 40 years, who maintains that in some cases it's possible for us to trigger our own healing responses. His approach has been shown to achieve significant long-term, wellness enhancement

Dr. Reilly is recognised globally as a pioneer in health and wellness. With a distinguished career spanning roles as a doctor, educator, researcher, and academic, he has received awards for his contributions to the health and wellness sector.

In his career, he has addressed the emerging challenges posed by the current surge in chronic illnesses, underscoring the need for solutions beyond traditional medical interventions. Focusing on the innate healing potential of humans, he sought alternative approaches to safeguard health and elevate overall well-being.

In this course you will learn to shift your approach to living with pain and cultivate a self-care tool kit that will help you emerge from a place of suffering to discover life’s flow again- with whatever limitation you may be facing.

The course will be complimented by David Mark in Creative Writing and Joanna Cooke in Art. 

Bestselling novelist and Goldster Creative Writing tutor David Mark will guide you through group work and specially-designed writing prompts, to draw upon pain and forbearance as inspiration, and create something remarkable, and unique, along the way while carving out a new narrative to help move your life forwards.

Joanna Cooke, a versatile Irish artist, believes that art is a transformative journey and the creative process can induce a meditative state, calming mental noise, improving neural communication, reducing stress, and promoting physical healing and self- understanding. Whether you are a seasoned artist or a novice,Joanna will guide you gently. 


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