Qigong for Mobility and Joint Health

Qigong has psychological and physical components that regulate the mind, breath, and body's movement and posture. Over the next six weeks, enjoy the the poetic practice of Qigong to release tension, ease pain, increase balance and improve overall joint strength, flexibility and stability.

"Join Manuela for an exploration of Qigong exercises. These exercises involve slow movements and are co-ordinated with your breath and awareness of your body. Each movement massages one of your internal organs and stretches and stimulates the related acupuncture meridian. 

Benefits of the course:

Range of Motion

Breathing Capacity

Cardiovascular Health

Joint Strength

Improvement of overall mobility

Stress Reduction

Mental Focus


Emotional Balance

Energy Boost

Personal Insight


Video Resource - Morning 12 Rivers

Video Resource - Midday 12 Rivers
When is this class on?

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Manuela Roche
Manuela discovered qigong during the first lockdown. Manuela has a dance and fitness background but started to struggle with joint, back pain in recent years. She instantly fell in love with qigong, and by practising these beautiful ancient techniques, the pains eased, and the weight came off. So she decided to become an instructor herself. "Qigong is one of the most unique practices where you feel invigorated yet relaxed throughout your entire body"
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