Morning Gratitude and Journaling

Goldster’s inspirational instructors lead this morning emotional check in. Write down thoughts in a journal and start the day with positive intentions. Cultivate gratitude every single day.

Goldster’s experts lead this exploration of various methods of mediation and meditation with journaling. In this session journaling and mediation combine to connect to mind body and spirit. This profound experience can also help strengthen relationships and promote inner peace for the rest of the day. 


The benefits of journaling include: tracking and achieving goals, tracking personal progress and growth, gaining self-confidence, improving writing and communication skills, reducing stress and anxiety, finding inspiration and creativity.


The benefits of meditation include: improving wellbeing and quality of life, improving cognition, improving mood, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, improving sleep, reducing loneliness, increasing awareness and self-reflection, increasing self-acceptance, engaging in healthier habits of self-care and experiencing better relationships with family and friends. 

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Harry Langham
Ellie Foden
Jess Parkinson
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