Fall Prevention

For those thinking about the need to improve their overall stability, this course is specially designed to promote confidence in everyday activities. Improve your strength, mobility and fitness with this course designed to build your confidence through functional strength training.

Fall Prevention

This course is a transformative opportunity for those seeking to enhance their foundational stability and confidence in their daily activities. It offers a comprehensive approach to physical well-being, with a focus on strength, mobility, and overall fitness through functional mobility training. The course aims to equip participants with the tools they need to confidently navigate life's diverse demands.

The expert team of instructors includes James, a seasoned practitioner in functional fitness training, who will guide you on a path of physical transformation while nurturing self-assurance. Additionally, Andy Yau, a Tai Chi specialist, will introduce fall prevention techniques to enhance balance and coordination, reducing the risk of accidents. Claudia Le Feuvre, a nutrition expert, will delve into the vital role of nutrition in bone health, offering insights into crafting a diet that supports strong bones and overall well-being. This course represents a holistic approach to personal stability, ensuring you are well-prepared to face life's challenges with confidence and resilience.


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