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According to the ancient text written between 5,000 BC - 300 AD - The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, there is a path which can lead us to liberation. It is a practical guide where we can become better masters over our own body, senses and mind.

Through this six-week course we will be studying and practicing this eight limbed path, inviting us to get to know and understand ourselves better, leading us to a life of greater health, joy and peace.

This work has a ripple effect, we practice as individuals, creating personal change to ultimately help shape a kinder, wiser world.

Expect talking, breathwork (pranayama), Asana (movement/poses) & Meditation. I endeavour to deliver the content of this course in a concise and accessible way.

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Virginia Walker
Virginia is a highly trained Yoga Instructor and Doula. She holds a 500 hour yoga qualification plus qualifications in other specialist areas. Her classes aim to energise and balance by focusing on alignment in poses. She has designed her practice to develop strength and flexibility, bring clarity and calm and finish each class with a restored and focused mind. “Yoga is for every-body"
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