Beginners Painting and Drawing

This class is suitable for attendees who have an interest in art and would like to progress gradually by learning the very foundations of drawing and painting skills. A class for all and a space to join a community passionate about the therapeutic benefits of art in all its guises.

This six-week course is suitable for attendees who have an interest in art and would like to progress gradually by learning a foundation of drawing and painting skills. Every renewal of six-week installments, we have a range of projects that focus on different themes and subject matter.

Using a range of media from pencils, chalk pastels, watercolours, oils and acrylics. There is something for everyone. Once you feel confident enough the fundamentals of drawing and painting, prepare yourself and find joy in joining our Goldster 'Advanced Drawing and Painting' class on Thursdays at 15:00pm OR challenge yourself to merge the two!


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John Skelcher
John is a practising landscape painter en plein-air with over 15 years of art tutoring experience. Since graduating with his degree in Fine Art Painting and Drawing, John studied classical realist painting at Angel Academy Florence and The Paris Academy of Art and his work has appeared in national exhibitions both in Britain and abroad. John has been listed in various international art competitions and featured on Sky Arts’ ‘Landscape Painter of the Year’ in 2018. “Art has the power to transform, illuminate and to educate, inspire and motivate”
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