March into Compassion and Kindness - Rituals for self-care

Join us for March into Compassion - Rituals for self-care , an uplifting online event featuring Goldster practitioners ready to guide you in rituals that will guide you to self compassion and kindness.

March into Compassion and Kindness - Rituals for self-care

Self-compassion and kindness have significant health benefits. Research indicates that self-compassion is associated with greater personal initiative to make needed changes in one's life, increased feelings of happiness, optimism, curiosity, connectedness, and decreased anxiety


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2pm start with Host-tbc


2.15 pm -2.45 pm

Celia Garcia, is a psychic guide and energy healer and will share her insights on harnessing nurturing energy, forgiveness and cultivating compassion through daily rituals.


2.45 pm -3.15 pm

Yoga teacher Virginia Walker will lead a yoga session focused on nurturing and soothing your body, claiming the nervous system and engaging in heart opening postures.


3.15 pm - 3.45 pm

Ellie Foden-Will guide you into a hypnotic meditation where you can immerse yourself into an internal world of healing and fostering self-compassion. 


3.45 pm - 4.15 pm

Doris Schierer - Will take you through a playful, dance experience where the you an navigate letting go of perfectionism, accepting mistakes and finding joy.


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Celia Garcia
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