Joint Pain Q&A

Gain expert insights on managing joint pain with Dr Ashley Gluchowski at the Goldster Clinic: Joint Pain Q&A.

Goldster Clinic: Joint Pain Q&A

Join us on Thursday, 28th March, for the second instalment of the Goldster Clinic: Joint Pain Q&A, an engaging session led by Dr Ashley Gluchowski, a specialist in the field of clinical exercise physiology. This clinic is specifically designed to address the concerns and questions surrounding joint pain, offering expert insights and advice on management, treatment options, and lifestyle adjustments for improved joint health. Dr Gluchowski brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the discussion, aiming to empower attendees with the tools and understanding necessary to navigate the challenges of joint pain effectively.

This interactive Q&A session encourages participants to bring their questions and share their experiences, creating an open forum for learning and support. Whether you're dealing with chronic joint pain, interested in preventative strategies, or seeking to optimise your mobility, the Goldster Clinic: Joint Pain Q&A provides a unique opportunity to gain direct access to expert advice and connect with others on a similar journey. Join us for an informative and supportive session focused on enhancing your quality of life through comprehensive joint care.

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